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Fönsterlyften i Syd AB

We at Fonsterlyften i Syd AB develop tools and personal protective equipment that simplyfy and streamline operations while working with windows.


Our products are designed for the prevention of occupational injuries and to increase in and around the workplace.


The startingpoint in the development of various solutions is primarily in time svaing solutions as well as efficiency, ergonomics and safety. We focus on industries within; Glazing, painting, construction, and property maintainance.


The solutions we develop are in collaboration with the technical research institute of Sweden (, various glazing firms and other partners who are experiencing problems specificaly when working with windows.


An important part is that the tools should also fit into thenatural workflow in the various work places.

Our policy is that our products will promote both a companies goals while benefitting the workers who use them.


We enable companies to streamline both time and personel, while the safety and occupational injury prevention increases.


For companies this means a financial saving in both the short and long term.


For the work force this means that the security will increase and that the ergonomic problems will be eliminated.


Work that previously was seen to be particularly difficult, now falls into the natural workflow.


Our aim is to continually identify and develop safe and practical products.

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